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Formeula - The Premium Youth Collection

The Formeula Range...

Our Vision

Our vision is simple, through supplying our products via an extensive network of great dealers, we want to be an integral part of getting more children cycling. At Formeula, we offer a premium level of product for the younger rider. Our bikes are designed and built with the attention to detail that all children’s bikes should be given taking in feedback from the sources that matter, children and parents.

Formeula riders

Formeula riders, are happy riders.

Why Formeula is different

Following years of research up and down the country at youth events, Go-Ride training evenings and coach discussions we realised that most parents and youths alike are looking for two fundementals when purchasing a new bike; lightweight simplicity and fashionable style.

With this in mind, Formeula Bikes was born......

Using our extensive industry knowledge of over 30 years, we have been able to produce a range of children’s bikes that aesthetically look fantastic, but crucially have lightweight frames that don't sacrifice strength, plus components that are specifically suited to the size of the rider which optimizes functionality, but more importantly fun and race ability.

Designed for small hands

Our brake levers are ergonomically designed for junior hands.

Why Formeula

Formeula bikes are designed and developed in the heart of the Peak District by senior brand Forme Bikes. We understand when purchasing a bike no matter what age of the cyclist it can be difficult to find one that fits like you want it to.

With a current mix of 3 core models including a 24″, 26″ and a 700c wheel our bikes are perfect for the child who wants a little more from their bicycle.

why formeula

Designed and tested by Forme Bikes in the heart of the Peak District.

why formeula

We realise that buying one road bike and one cross bike can be expensive, that's why we have created models which are suitable for both disciplines of cycling. Whether it's off road or on the road it doesn't matter, our bikes are versatile, durable and lightweight and each model comes with two sets of tyres – one suited to road and one suited to off road cross riding.


Our smallest road bike offering is simplistic in design and introduces the junior rider to road or cross riding without over complicating matters. Two sets of tyres are supplied to make the transition between road and cross riding as easy as possible without extra trips to the shops.

With a goal of making the ride as fun as possible, our aluminum 6061 frame and lightweight cromo forks with mudguard eyelets offer a super smooth ride that can be ridden all year round.

A mixture of Shimano gearing, ideally suited 140mm junior fit cranks, and ergonomically designed One23 finishing kit optimize the overall bike fit making sure every ride is as good as the first.

With the continued theme of simplicity being key to enhance the amount of fun that can be had on two wheels, this bike is set up ready to race with restricted gearing. Hit the roads for big miles or jump over to Singletrack for dusty trail fun. The transition between both disciplines is made easy courtesy of the Kenda Road or Kenda CX tyres we supply with every bike.

Our aluminum 6061 frame and lightweight cromo forks with mudguard eyelets offer a super smooth ride that can be ridden all year round. A mixture of Shimano gearing, ideally suited 152mm junior fit cranks, and ergonomically designed One23 finishing kit optimize the overall bike fit making sure every ride is as good as the first.

Our Formeula 700 is the perfect bridge between youth cycling and the step up to a full sized adult bike. The introduction of a double chainset with 48x34 chainrings, plus the 8SPD wide ratio cassette is perfect for racing and tackling hills and climbs that may otherwise be unbeatable.

The transition between both road and cross disciplines is made super easy courtesy of the Kenda Road or Kenda CX tyres we supply with every bike.

With a goal of making the ride as fun as possible, our aluminum 6061 frame and lightweight cromo forks with mudguard eyelets offer a super smooth ride that can be ridden all year round. A mixture of Shimano gearing, ideally suited 160mm junior fit cranks, and ergonomically designed One23 finishing kit optimize the overall bike fit making sure every ride is as good as the first.

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Welcome to Bike School

Professor Formeula

Hello there! My name is Professor Formeula and welcome to my Bike School.

I'm here to help you find the perfect Formeula! In our junior bicycle range we currently have three models which you can see in our Bikes section. However, my team of mini bike designers are working very hard on developing a range of Formeula bikes that will cater for every age of junior cyclist, from balance bikes upwards, so we'll update you more on that when we can.

My school is home to lots of valuable information including bike maintenance guides, expert advice from junior coaches, information about junior cycling clubs and lots more! Plus if you are stuck indoors and you can't get out to ride - why don't you head over to our FUN section and have a go at designing your own bike? You can also create your own cycling jersey and even redesign my outfit. That should keep you busy until the sun comes out.

Have a look around and please use all the information to keep you happy and safe on the bike! If you have any questions you can contact me here - Contact Professor Formeula.

I'll see you around the site! - Professor Formeula

Join A Club

With huge inspiration and mainstream cycling coverage coming from the likes of Bradley Wiggins, Mark Cavendish, Nicole Cook and Lizzie Armistead, more and more children and adults alike are stepping over their bikes and hitting the roads, trails and parks for two wheeled fun.

Cycling Clubs for the younger cyclists used to be hard to come by, modern day cycling however has changed that for the better. The UK is bigger and more concentrated than ever at introducing our younger generation to the sport that encourages a healthy lifestyle.

We encourage youngsters to ride a bicycle as soon as they are able to do so. Cycling is the perfect activity to maintain a healthy lifestyle, have fun, socialize with the family, and explore the great outdoors to take in picturesque landscapes on a nice sunny day, what better?

We also highly encourage joining a Cycling Club. Here you will find knowledge and help on the sport, it is also a fantastic opportunity for your youngster to engage with like minded children. Depending on your location there are many clubs available that encourage the involvement of the younger cyclist, one of the most popular being the British Cycling Go Ride set up.

Back to bike school Professor Formeula

Go-Ride is a British Cycling development programme for young people. The programme provides a fun and safe way to introduce young riders to the world of cycle sport and provides a platform to improve bike handling skills. Getting involved is easy, either with a local Go-Ride Club or through one of the many Holiday Coaching Programmes, where young people are able to sample the various cycle sport disciplines and start enjoying one of the fastest growing sports in the UK today.

For those who are already involved and want to progress in the sport, Go-Ride has it covered with the Go-Ride Racing competition programme.

Go-Ride Racing is British Cycling's exciting competition programme that helps young riders make the transition from school or club coaching sessions to inter club and open regional competition. Go-Ride Racing events offer entry level, local competition for young novice cyclists under the age of 16.

Size Guide

The age of your child can give an approximate idea to size, but because children of the same age can differ quite dramatically there are further steps as a parent you must take before looking to purchase.

The golden rule to making sure your child is fitted perfectly to their new ride is by measuring their height, and then their inside leg measurement.

Our measuring guide is simple, easy to do, and gives you exactly what you need to visit your local bike shop to make sure your child is fitted to a bike perfectly.

What You Need:

A child, one pair of children’s socks, hardback book, a wall, a tape measure, paper & pen.

How To: Inside Leg Measurement

  • Stand your child (whilst wearing the socks) against the wall.
  • Place the book between their legs, as high as comfortably possible.
  • Ask the child to step away from the wall and measure from the top of the book to the floor in centimetres.
  • Using the pen and paper write down this measurement.
Back to bike school Professor Formeula

How To: Overall Height

  • Stand your child (whilst wearing the socks) against the wall.
  • Rest the book on top of the child’s head.
  • Ask the child to step away from the wall and measure from the underside of the book to the floor in centimetres.
  • Using the pen and paper write down this measurement.

Using the two measurements now reference the below chart and find the correct size Formeula bike for your child. We specify three measurements:

  • Min. Inside Leg (This is the minimum inside leg length requirement for each bike with the seat post at its lowest physical setting)
  • Max. Inside Leg (This is the maximum inside leg length for each bike with the seat post at its highest physical setting
  • Approx Min. Height (This is the minimum recommended height requirement for each bike).
Back to bike school

Formeula to Success

How should young riders prepare their bicycle prior to each ride or race?

As a general rule of thumb, your bicycle needs to be well maintained before every ride. The primary reason is to make sure you are safe whilst riding. Making sure bolts are not loose, tyres are not worn, and gears and brakes are all functioning as they should. This not only makes sure you are safe, but it also maintains the overall performance of the bike which optimises fun and race ability.

Correctly looking after your bicycle will also make the most of your investment. Replacing parts which are adverse to wear and tear is crucial. A lot of the time as a senior racer, responsibility will lie with the rider to service and maintain their own bicycle so the sooner these skills can be acquired and you can get into the rhythm of being a mini mechanic the better.

What is the best piece of advice you can offer to a young cyclist?

The answer to this one is simple, enjoy riding your bike and don't be afraid to dream big. Be prepared to work hard and the rewards will quickly follow. Never put too much pressure on performance as a youngster - just enjoy the ride and if the ambition is there then success may well be just around the corner.

Note the key to all of this is enjoying what you do and smiling while you do it.

How can I improve my bike handling and why is bike handling so important?

The easiest way to improve bike handling is to ride more and become familiar with how the style of bike you have actually rides. Different styles of bike handle differently, and accompany that with different terrains such road, path or trail and there is a lot to learn. A great way to improve is to look at becoming part of the British Cycling Go Ride setup. They offer appropriate training sessions dedicated to things like bike handling.

If available, take advice from any cycling coaches or local clubs that cater for young riders. Bike handling underpins success as a cyclist. It is pointless having a huge engine if you can't drive it. Being able to skilfully round corners or negotiate a crowded bunch sprint will build confidence and overall improve performance and enjoyment on the bike.

Improving handling skills as a youngster is a huge step in the right direction to have a better handling to power ratio as a senior cyclist.

Should I try cycling across a variety of disciplines?

Definitely, for experience and general all round development the broader a riders knowledge of the sport the more healthy it is and the more skilful the rider can be. A crossover of multiple disciplines is great to improve your overall effectiveness and also opens the door to meeting more people who love cycling - so there is a definite social advantage too. Try a bit of everything, you don't know what you like until you do, plus natural ability may never shine through if you have never put yourself forward to do it.

Is it important that my bike is set up for me?

Bike positioning is crucial as a youngster. You are constantly growing so you need to check how much you are growing and reflect that on your bike positioning and bike set up. Comfort is key, making sure things like having the saddle at the correct height to maximise power output is a crucial element. Your reach and cockpit setup needs to be correctly positioned to optimise bike handling. All these things can be done my someone with experience. Look for advice from your local bike shop, your local club or a coach at the Go Ride events. Never neglect the set up of your bike, if you experience discomfort the enjoyment of cycling rapidly disappears.

What is the best way to focus on the start line?

Focus on the process of the task in hand. Try and stay calm and

focus on tactics that have been planned out in advance. Believe in your ability and understand what you need to do. Don't worry about the performance and the result, concentrate on the process and the result will deliver itself.

Do I need to focus on the quality of food I am eating as a youth rider?

It is good to have a balanced diet and be aware of what you are eating, the older you get the more important the subject of nutrition becomes. As a youngster fuelling your body with wholesome, natural healthy foods like fruit and vegetables, good carbohydrates and proteins is a great platform to build from. Have a relaxed approach to nutrition and try to not think too scientifically about what goes in. Milk and bananas are great!

Should I get a coach?

I think listening to people who know you best, and listening to people who you trust the most is what will benefit you as a young rider. It is not overly important to have a 1 on 1 coach unless you are of a level that requires it at such a young age. Advice and guidance from Go Ride Clubs and local Clubs that have junior processes in place is a great place to start building up relationships to allow for further development.

Final points

There is no requirement to get the best of everything. Finding the correct bicycle for the discipline of your choice on which you can have the most fun is what should be at the top of the list. Make sure you always wear a helmet and clothing that is comfortable, mitts will optimise comfort for small hands on those longer rides.

Professor Formeula

Staying hydrated by using water bottles full of your favourite diluted drink or water and stay energised with healthy snacks.

Always put safety first whilst riding your bike and remember to have as much fun as possible.

Bike Maintenance

Professor Formeula

There is no better feeling as a cyclist than your first ride on a brand new bicycle. If you clean, maintain and look after your bike correctly, you will keep that new bike feeling and enjoy a smoother ride for longer.

In our Bike Maintenance section we have partnered with the guys and girls from Cytech who are also known as "the cycling experts". Their bicycle knowledge is perfect for introducing youngsters into the routine of cleaning and maintaining their pride of joy.

We have information on cleaning your bike, and also a great safety check list with visual diagram to make sure wear and tear doesn't take over. We also have a fabulous FAQ section which includes tips for those really tricky situations where with out you may be left puzzled.

Grab the bucket and sponge and head on over to our downloadable maintenance archive now.

Professor Formeula

Contact Formeula