Our Vision

Our vision is simple, through supplying our products via an extensive network of great dealers, we want to be an integral part of getting more children cycling. At Formeula, we offer a premium level of product for the younger rider. Our bikes are designed and built with the attention to detail that all children’s bikes should be given taking in feedback from the sources that matter, children and parents.

Why Formeula is different?

Following years of research up and down the country at youth events, Go-Ride training evenings and coach discussions we realised that most parents and youths alike are looking for two fundementals when purchasing a new bike; lightweight simplicity and fashionable style.

With this in mind, Formeula Bikes was born……

Using our extensive industry knowledge of over 30 years, we have been able to produce a range of children’s bikes that aesthetically look fantastic, but crucially have lightweight frames that don’t sacrifice strength, plus components that are specifically suited to the size of the rider which optimizes functionality, but more importantly fun and race ability.