Why Formeula?

Formeula bikes are designed and developed in the heart of the Peak District by senior brand Forme Bikes. We understand when purchasing a bike no matter what age of the cyclist it can be difficult to find one that fits like you want it to.

With a current mix of 3 core models including a 24″, 26″ and a 700c wheel our bikes are perfect for the child who wants a little more from their bicycle.

Designed and tested by Forme Bikes in the heart of the Peak District.

We realise that buying one road bike and one cross bike can be expensive, that’s why we have created models which are suitable for both disciplines of cycling. Whether it’s off road or on the road it doesn’t matter, our bikes are versatile, durable and lightweight and each model comes with two sets of tyres – one suited to road and one suited to off road cross riding.